I will design custom workout programs for your health goals

design custom workout programs for your health goals

About This Gig

Want to improve your overall health and wellness? Want to have more energy or maybe lose weight?

Exercise is a great way to feel better about your life and reach your health goals. But too many people never reach their fitness goals because they don't know how or don't plan. Which makes all their efforts wasted. 

Don't let your efforts go wasted. 

For as low as $5 I will help you reach your health goals with a
 custom 1-week fitness plan that will consider your needs.

And if your extra serious about reaching your health goals as soon as possible, I will...

  • Make you a healthy clean-eating meal plan
  • Consult with you personally to identify which scientifically proven (natural) supplements will help you reach your goals faster than ever
  • Help you with exercise form by answering any questions you have and send you videos exemplifying proper form.

I am a pre-medical student with a strong health and fitness background. All suggestions are based on scientific evidence to ensure the best results!

If you follow the plan, I guarantee you will see results!

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