I will give you a social media analytics report for $5

/ 3 Days On Average

About This Gig

Social media can make or break a business. 

Do it right, and it can make your business boom.

Do it wrong, and you risk wasting valuable time and even complete failure. 

This is what makes social media data so important. It can tell you:
  • What's working
  • What needs to be improved
  • What kind of posts perform the best
  • Who your top fans are
  • And best of all, where your efforts should be focused

With this gig, I can provide one of the following social media reports:

  • Twitter analysis--take a look at how your Twitter account is performing and identify what needs to be improved. 
  • Instagram Analysis--measure engagement, content, and trends
  • Facebook Page & Content Analysis--how healthy is your page? What are your page's weak points?
  • General Google+ Analysis--better understand your page engagement and more.
  • YouTube Analysis--What videos are performing and which are underperforming. Get valuable insight. 

I will need access to your account. All information is immediately destroyed once the report is created.

Still unsure if this gig is right for you? Check out the pdf I have posted in the gallery. It's a sample of a Facebook social media report to give you a better idea if this gig is a good fit for you. 

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