I will be YOUR writing editor, coach and mentor

be YOUR writing editor, coach and mentor
be YOUR writing editor, coach and mentor
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About This Gig

**Editor of multiple Amazon BESTSELLING Novels**

Hi, budding author!

Writing a bestseller isn't as simple as putting pen to paper. While that represents 80% of the effort, the remaining 20% is the difference between a rock and a diamond. So what is it? 

A writing editor, coach and mentor who develops your strengths, and strengthens your weaknesses.

Every writer is a pro in the making; what stands between failure and success is perseverance and mentorship. Skills can be taught, words can be polished and ideas developed. With the right help, you CAN write like a pro.

So let's get started! I will:

  • Perform an intensive, in-line edit of the first 1,000 words of your FICTION / MEMOIR
  • Identify your key strengths
  • Outline areas for improvement
  • Provide detailed recommendations and ideas in a short report.

For longer samples please order an 'extra', or request a custom quote.

I've edited 500+ novels, including multiple Amazon bestsellers. My own mentor is an internationally bestselling author, and one of the best teachers in the business.

* Long-form fiction and memoir only please; I no longer accept children's fiction (under 13 yrs) or short stories.

Order Details

4 days delivery

Trial Edit

Intensive in-line edit + short report of recommendations: ideas for plot, style & characterization

  • Up to 1000 Words
  • Feedback