I will mix and master your track

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Reviewed by ccharles17 10 months ago
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Reviewed by ccharles17 10 months ago
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Reviewed by ccharles17 10 months ago
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this seller is a thief not only did he not mix or master my song he sent back a fake track and marked the gig as complete /i messaged him many times to not only tell him that he had not mixed or mastered my song and unsurprisingly he did not return any of my messages but still collected the funds
Reviewed by malichimale 10 months ago
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Wasn't satisfied with the final overall sound quality. Seller did an excellent job mixing vocals, however, the instrumental itself had audio clipping not previously heard in my sent version of the recording. Plus the revision sounded like no changes had been made. Got what I paid for, 10$ mix.
Reviewed by thatgyaq 11 months ago
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Outstanding Experience!
Reviewed by williambelief over 1 year ago
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Reviewed by bigmilly over 3 years ago
Dope mixing,, I'll def. be back broski,,
Reviewed by joey_haf_beats1 over 3 years ago
Reviewed by big_thier over 3 years ago
Great Work!
Reviewed by dperkins almost 4 years ago
super job....ran it on windows media player for visuals and it was awesome..thx
Reviewed by philipw999 almost 4 years ago
WOW! this dude is a genius! he took my simple home recorded demo and turned it into something beautiful. it was a tricky one because there were instruments that would normally clash but he found a way to make it all flow. Thank you so much! will be back for more
Reviewed by mayamiko almost 4 years ago
The track sounds great! Very will mixed, and nice effects! Thanks for the timely delivery!
Reviewed by michaelberean almost 4 years ago
i was very disappointed. i was in need of someone better than me, but what i got is what i could do myself already. i was hoping after mastering, my voice dont sound like singing in a tiny closet no more, but the track he gave me still sounds like i was singing in a closet.
Reviewed by cuishan about 4 years ago
Seller corrected errors very quickly. High quality mix and master. Buy from him, you won't be disappointed!
Reviewed by rocky2k12 about 4 years ago
mix and master your track
mix and master your track

About This Gig


100% Buyer Satisfaction
100% Money Back Guarantee

If you are not happy with the quality of my work. I will give you a full refund. With that being said, I will Mix & Master your multitrack project/song. This gig applies to completed mixes in WAV or MP3 format in any genre/style. Each song is carefully processed with analog and digital equipment (EQ, Compression, Exciters, Multi-Band Processing, Stereo Imaging, Bass Boost). Your track will receive more punch, warmth, clarity and volume maximization.

You can sample my work here: www.youtube.com/hdflatbeats

per $5 order you can send up to 2 audio files to be Mixed & Mastered together.

For example:
1st file can be your vocals
2nd file can be your beat/instrumental

You can also send your song with Vocals & Instrumental in 1 file!

Thank you for stopping by, Happy Gigging!
-Producer HD-Flat