I will create a FANTASTIC Intro for your website

Superb, Just what we asked for. Thanks for your input & we will certainly use you in the future. Will you keep this on File because of the other regional sites will only need selective words changing within the script. Thanks Again
Reviewed by scitony 12 months ago
Excellent Video!!! Great communication! Looking forward to more gigs in the future!! Thank you!!!
Reviewed by cgadhiya over 2 years ago
Outstanding Experience!
Reviewed by tjspeaks over 2 years ago
Outstanding Experience!
Reviewed by gayanduminda over 2 years ago
Great, thank you.
Reviewed by stuartwelch over 2 years ago
create a FANTASTIC Intro for your website
create a FANTASTIC Intro for your website
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About This Gig

First Class Video Spokesperson

Look at what you will receive for investing  $5 :

  • I am a professional public speaker and presenter and I will present YOUR
    *Note: If your script is longer than 40 words, then that's fine ! you will just need to order more gigs as follows.
    (41-80 words: $10, 81-120 words: $15, etc.)
  • Studio production quality with professional equipment
  • Your video will be as 720p HD 


If you are like most people you probably want your order as quickly as possible ! Thats great I can do that for you ! 

Take a look at how you can enhance your video

  • Add some great Background music to your video($10)
  • Add images to your video  ($10 for every 3 images)
  • Upgrade the output of your file to HD 1080p ($10) ( 720p otherwise.
  • Get your video on a Green Screen so you can change the background again in the future
  • Order an audio version of your order on completion
  • I will rewrite your script using NLP to make it really compelling($%5 per 100 words)

Please make sure this gig is what you are after ! This is a torso, head shot video, filmed on a background, white, green or otherwise digital 
Mistakes or changes in scripts are chargeable as it will need to be redone!