I will cast Protection Shield against Threats

cast Protection Shield against Threats
cast Protection Shield against Threats

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Description Temporary but Effective Permanent and Super Effective Protection and Anti Curse Spell
  This Protection shield will last for 40-45 days but the same is very effective during this period. This Protection shield will last forever and protects you from every kind of Magics. This Covers Protection From Threats as well as Curses PERMANENTLY.
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About This Gig

Hello & Welcome to my Gig We here on Healing desk are committed for spiritual safety of Buyers. We are a Young Team of Individuals from Varanasi, The oldest City known & the spiritual capital of World. we have 5+ Years of Experience working as a coven & can Deal With all sorts of problems.

There are two types of Black Magic :
1) Magic & Curses whose effect goes noticed,
2) Magic & Curses which work silently. 

Simply to explain if i relate them with a disease then i can simply say 1st one is common cold while 2nd one is cancer.
Most people r unaware that they have curse or Magic upon them & if Problems Strike they call it bad luck & it goes uncured. ARE U A SUBJECT TOO ?

Now Magic is done upon subject with 2 Intentions.
1. Simply for causing a damage once, so once the damage is caused the magic is done. ( so in order to avoid and tackle such damage i Provide Protection Shield)
2. An intention to cause a larger scale damage by cursing the subject, a curse is placed on subject and keep causing harm until it completely destroy the subject slowly. 

Don't take all these things lightly as it may completely destroy you. 


Frequently Asked Questions

  • How does Protection Shield differs from Anti Curse Spell ?
    The Protection shield is used to provide Protection against magic ( Magics which may be white or black intends to hurt subject once only). Whereas the Anti Curse spell is to ensure that you are safe against cursed. ( Curse is for large damage to subject to evils for a long time i.e till removal)
  • Will one Protection Shield Protect guard me against multiple Magics ?
    Yes, the PERMANENT Shield protects every time a magic is cast upon you and does not break while the TEMPORARY shield provides protection against multiple magics but breaks in every 45 days thereby causing a requirement for getting another shield after that. WE RECOMMEND PERMANENT SHIELD :)
  • What do the Seller Advise on the Order ?
    Our advise is to get both PERMANENT PROTECTION SHIELD as well as ANTI CURSE SPELL as the threats do not come announcing their arrival & may harm you anytime. So as i said PREVENTION IS ANY TIME BETTER THAN CURE it's better to be prepared instead of getting damaged & then searching for the solution.