I will attune you for having success

attune you for having success

About This Gig

About Me

Hi, my name is Nick. Through learning all kind of healing modalities, like different forms of Reiki (I am a Reiki Grandmaster)  these days I channel healing energies myself.

All these healing modalities and energy attunements helped me open up my energetic channels.

All energies are channeled via my own higher self, but are not limited to my higher self. I can channel any type of energy that is available in the omniverse.

The Session

I will attune you to energies which clears your energetic systems of any blocks to abundance, prosperity and success and to calibrate your energetic systems to magnetize the people, events and circumstances to succeed and prosper in all areas of your life.

After the attunement I will send you a trigger word you can use to clear these blocks any time you want to.

With every gig I also send general clearing, healing and balancing energies for your overall well being.

How does it work

- After your payment I will start the remote session as soon as I can, you can do anything at that time (sleeping, working etc.)
- When the session is done I will contact you.