I will attune you to a very Powerful Vibrational Frequency Raiser

attune you to a very Powerful Vibrational Frequency Raiser

About This Gig

Very Powerful Vibrational Frequency Raiser

I am soooo happy I can offer this now. With every session I raise the Vibrational Frequency of the client, but now clients can perform the activation themselves.

And this new channeled session is even more powerful (requires the Gig Extra) than the session I used before. I will attune you to a trigger word and when this trigger word is used repeatedly one after the other, it keeps raising your Vibrational Frequency higher and higher.

This attunement has the potential to raise your Vibrational Frequency as high as what is possible in this space time reality.
So only for the people who are very passionate about Enlightenment, Ascension and being their Highest Vibrational version.

  • Increased Intuition.
  • Become a Manifestation Powerhouse.
  • Shift to Parallel Realities with Joy, Light, Ease and Bliss. The Parallel Realities where your Desires are.
  • Increased Synchronicity and "Magic" (people call it magic because the physical mind can't comprehend it) 
  • Perfect connection with your Higher Self.
  • Feel Awesome.

With the basic Gig I will attune you to the Attunement I used before. 
With the Gig extra you will get the very Powerful Attunement.