I will do the Metatron and Raziel Brain Expansion Activation

do the Metatron and Raziel Brain Expansion Activation

About This Gig

About Me

Hi, my name is Nick. Through learning all kind of healing modalities, like different forms of Reiki (I am a Reiki Grandmaster)  these days I channel healing energies myself.

The Session

In this session, Archangel Metatron brings the gifts of illumination in the form of sacred geometry containing knowledge.
Metatron anchors and activates a matrix for brain expansion, aligning the mind to the universal mind to bring that knowledge forward for service work. Archangel Raziel then comes forward to provide the keys to understanding the knowledge with the provision that one must first exercise the right use of power to unlock these gifts. His keys removes mind locks and governors that block the higher mind expansion and clears self-sabotage.

With every gig I also send general clearing, healing and balancing energies for your overall well being.

How does it work

- After your payment I will start the remote healing as soon as I can, you can do anything at that time (sleeping, working etc.)
- When the healing is done I will contact you.