I will do an activation session from Saint Germain

do an activation session from Saint Germain

About This Gig

"Let me share with you the gift of alchemy and transformation! We will transform your lower vibrational or negative emotions and raise them to the vibration of your soul." - St. Germain


- Transforming Negative Emotions
- Transforming Density in the Energetic Bodies
- White Flame Clearing (fine, high level clearing for energetic systems)
- Activation of the Tri-Fold Flame (love, wisdom, power)
- Transforming Lower to Higher Vibration Thoughts
- Violet Robe of Transmutation
- Solar Plexus Shield
- Third Eye/Crown Shield
- Soul Cord Shield
- Flame of Purification (multi-dimensional)
- Transforming and Spiritualizing Sexuality
- Neutralizer Shield for Feet (to neutralize less-than-love energies from Earth)
- Neutralizer Shield for Head (to neutralize less-than-love energies from the cosmos)
- Front and Back Heart Shield
- Total Chakra Clearing and Purification
- Lower Back Shield
- All Field(s) Filter
- Energetic Tuning Forks for the Head (helps people attune to higher dimensions)
- Attunement for Aligning with the Universal Manifestation Grids for Mastery
- Rainbow Transmutation Grid

With every gig I also send general clearing, healing and balancing energies for your overall well being.