I will give You Strength Training WORKOUT Videos

give You Strength Training WORKOUT Videos

About This Gig

Build those muscles fast with advanced and total STRENGTH TRAINING WORKOUT VIDEOS. With workout routines such as: Bicep curl, Chest Press
Hamstring Curl, Plank, Calf Raises you are sure to build muscle mass in no time.

Q:  Can I put these videos on my website?
A: Yes, if its a paid membership site. No, if the materials are for free members.

Q: What Rights comes with these videos?
A: Resell rights and personal use rights

Q: What can I do with the videos?
A:  Can Be Edited Completely 
      Can Claim full ownership. 
      Can be added to paid membership sites. 
      Can be packaged with other products. 
      Can be sold. Can be broken into multiple chunks.
      Graphics and mini-site can be included.
      Can be offered through auction sites. 
      Can be given to list subscribers.

Q: What you can not do
A: Cannot be given away on public download 
     Cannot sell Resale Rights 
     Cannot sell Master Resale Rights 
     Cannot sell Private Label Rights