I will give you the Grand Tetons

give you the Grand Tetons
give you the Grand Tetons
give you the Grand Tetons

About This Gig


Please contact me first before ordering

I will send you my video production "The Grand" for just $5.
This minute video contains high quality pictures of the Grand Tetons with special effects along with relaxing music which is specifically designed to give you clarity and focus. If you have not personally seen the Grand Tetons up close and personal, this will be the next best  thing. My pics are from a trip I took out west to Jackson Hole and the Tetons are spectacular! Please note for files over 100MB, I will send to you using Google Drive.

If you would like me to create a personal video for you, I can use your pics and/or music. This could be for a wedding, graduation, birthday party, anniversary, etc. Please see my gig extras for details.

Also you can check out my other gigs at the bottom of the page if you want to give the gift of song, need a lyric editor or Forrest Gump impersonator or any kind of voice over.