I will give you health information about your health problem

give you health information about your health problem

About This Gig

  • Healthy Check Up is a unique do-it-yourself, Self Health Care Online service that gives you "personal" attention to your health problems or concerns from home or phone. We are not a walk-in clinic, but a "Click-In Clinick" online. 

  • A Self Health Check Up helps you enter your own health data on a fun-to-fill electronic health questionnaire, that asks you the SAME questions a doctor would ask you at an office visit. But YOU get to keep your own self-reported health note, instead of leaving it at the doctor's office.  

  • Self Health Care Questionnaires - Select one from a variety of health problem questionnaires available, and we will gather all of your health data and then give you a personal Self Health Note, just like one that a doctor would write at the office.  

  • Get the personal health attention, answers and affordable care you need to check your own health from home or on your mobile device today!

  • Your health is important, and you can NOW get the vital health information you need today, that may change your life.

  • You can also order a blood test online, in the USA, for only $35.00  (See other gig listing)

  • Save time, money and your health from home with a HEALTHY CHECK UP

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can you diagnose and treat my health problem?
    No. Only your doctor can diagnose and treat your health problem. Healthy Check Up is a "do-it-yourself" health check service from home or your cell phone, that helps you find your own answers to your health problems, symptoms or concerns. We are not a substitute for a licensed medical provider.
  • Can you refill my medications?
    No. You must see a licensed medical provider for any medical treatment or medication refills.
  • Can you tell what is wrong with me?
    No. We do not diagnose or treat medical diseases, but we will give you specific information about common symptoms and diseases that relate to your personal health problem. This will help you determine if you should wait or see a doctor sooner, rather than later.