I will help you set Personal and Success Goals

help you set Personal and Success Goals
help you set Personal and Success Goals
help you set Personal and Success Goals
help you set Personal and Success Goals

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Description Establish Hierarchy of Values Find Your Internal Focus Goal Setting Personal and Success
  Understand what your subconscious is setting goals towards, Now in your life. Understand what your subconscious mind is focusing on Now and how we can change your thought process Reformulate what you have been getting to what you want to have in life.
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About This Gig

Understanding what your subconscious mind is doing to you Now in your life will help you to better understand what changes you can make Now to improve your future.

Let me help you to better your future, it is fun and easy to do. 

NB: You have to be 100% committed to change else the changes will not happen correctly!

All three gigs come with answering a few questions on your part, where I will then formulate them into a goal pattern you are currently taking, subconsciously.
You will understand what the subconscious mind does and what its functions are to you. 

Gig 1 - Hierarchy of Values = Find out what you are spending your time and effort on Now.
Gig 2 - Driver Focus Filter = Find out what drives you subconsciously, you are constantly asking yourself a question which runs you internally.  
Gig 3 - Will cover gig 1 and 2 as well as other insight about the goals you are looking at Now and what you can do to change them for good.

Extra gigs:
HoV= Hierarchy Values - I will help you restructure you values so they serve you better.
DFF = Driver Focus Filter - I will help you restructure you DFF into something that works better for you Now and in the Future.

NB: Please contact me before ordering!

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How many questions are there?
    There are about 11 questions on Goal Setting.
  • Do I have to answer all the questions?
    Yes. All questions must be asked in full to the best of your ability.
  • What if I don't know the answer?
    Don't worry, all answers are correct. All you have to do is ask your subconscious mind what it is feeling while you answer the questions. There is no right or wrong answer, only what you see in your mind.