I will proofread up to 750 words for online marketability

proofread up to 750 words for online marketability

About This Gig

Brighten up your social media content for personal or business use!

Worried that your social networking just isn't reflecting all that you have to offer? This service offers a review by a writer with experience in brand management and social media for businesses. Whether you're looking to add a punch to a twitter bio, or you're working on a new website and just can't quite seem to get the wording right, this service is exactly what you need. 

What You're Getting

  • I will proofread up to 750 words of your content to make sure it is eye-catching, engaging, and unique. 
  • I offer two different copies of your revised work with purchase - one informal, one formal - both designed specifically to make your online presence known.  My service does twice as much as some other sellers for the same cost.
  • I will deliver your content back to you in your choice of format - Word or PDF - sent through Fiverr
  • This service is intended for both business and personal use, for anyone who wishes to improve their appearance on social networks.

Order Details

4 days delivery