I will communicate anonymous awkward messages to your friends

communicate anonymous awkward messages to your friends

About This Gig

Have you got one of those friends/lovers/family members you love but there is just that one thing that annoys the shit out of you!!? Telling them would break their heart..right?....Wrong!!! Whether it is their horrid monobrow, the fact they use a hankie, the constant repetition of story, eat too much garlic.. Whatever it may be I will be your friendly stranger! I will inform your client in a kind, assertive but constructive manner of their unfavorable misgiving and suggest they improve or re adjust this area of their life. I will keep all personal details and phone numbers confidential and make the phone call to them on a private number. You get to keep your integrity and dont have to deal with their reaction! Great for those who have just started dating mr or miss right..except for just that one thing! With your friendly stranger, who could have thought life would be so simple and sweet!

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