I will read the runes to answer your questions

read the runes to answer your questions

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For $5 I will read a single rune. 
This method is good if you have not time for a longer alignment. Turn away from extraneous thoughts, focus on your present torment-matter It can be used to determine several different moments.

For $15 I will 
read a 3 rune 

It will be useful if you want to at the moment to get into the essence of what is happening and know what to do. A very simple but effective method.The first rune indicates the problemAverage rune tells you what steps you should take to deal with their difficulties.The third rune tells you what will happen if you follow the advice.

For $25 I will read a 5 rune : 

The first three runes, respectively, represent your past, present and future. Fleece in position 5 indicates which faces challenges must be accepted and can not be subjected to changes. Fleece in position 3 - decisive. She was given the general alignment, predicts the outcome.

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1 Rune

I will cast a single rune.

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