I will design custom RPG content for your use

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design custom RPG content for your use

About This Gig

I can design and write game content for your use in a variety of tabletop RPGs. It could be anything from the vast, arching plot to get your campaign rolling, a quick one-shot adventure, a monster you've always wanted to fight but could never find in a bestiary, a class you've envisioned but can't find mechanics for, or the biggest and baddest villain to challenge your players.

You'll get up to 700 words of content, balanced and ready for play, at the bargain price of less than 1 cent per word (well below industry standard!). I am an active freelancer and prolific writer with a growing number of projects under my belt for both Pathfinder Roleplaying Game and Dungeons and Dragons 5th edition--and now I want to freelance for YOU! Ask me if I can make stuff for your system of choice, or go entirely system-neutral!

Send me your requirements or ideas, and I will return magic within the week. All content is setting neutral unless requested otherwise, and easily imported into any campaign. Publishing rights for the content will remain with me and may be reproduced in a compilation at a future date--Contact me regarding purchasing the content in full for commercial use.

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Your choice of custom tailored RPG content--adventures, monsters, heroes, villains, etc.

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This Package includes 700 words. For each additional 700 words, the price is $5.