I will help you with arduino

help you with arduino
help you with arduino

About This Gig

Arduino is a versatile micro controller platform capable of powering up many types projects. I'm here to help you make your Arduino project a success.

I'll do
  •  Writing / modifying Arduino code
  •  Creating hardware schematics
  •  guide you on setting up the peripherals
  •  And more...

My expertise

  1. Integrating many sorts of sensors and transducers including     Accelrometers, Gyroscopes, Sonar, IR, Temp. etc (With serial/ I2C/ USART/ SPI communication)
  2. Interfacing I/O devices such as keypad/ LCD/ LED display
  3. Bluetooth, Ethernet, GSM, GPS modules and more
  4. Setting up communication with PC (Serial communication) for  Matlab, Processing, etc.
  5. And of course I can work with basic passive and active components :) (Relays, Servo/Stepper/DC motors, Opto-Couplers, etc.)

If you have any specific requirement or any questions related, send me a message. I'll get back to you with answers.

I'm thinking of writing 100 lines of code or equivalent for basic gig. However we can negotiate on the pricing according to your project.

Let's make your project a success together.
Have fun with Arduino!