I will listen and offer skills and advice to help manage life

listen and offer skills and advice to help manage life

About This Gig

I will answer any question or problem you have. No matter how personal or embarrassing you may fear it is. I will provide personal advice, coping strategies and specific activities to help with your problem (for example offering worksheets or techniques used in therapy) where relevant. For example, should you ask me how to cope with leaving the house due to anxiety or agoraphobia, I can offer skills I have learnt through experience and studying to help you. Perhaps you are suffering with OCD and need advice or you need to talk about your relationship.
If I cannot specifically answer then I will signpost you to where you need to go, whilst still giving advice, ensuring you get the best help and support.
Please just ask and you are sure to receive a non-judgemental, supportive response and quickly.
I know from previously experiencing Agoraphobia, Anxiety and OCD how just expressing your feelings can help greatly and simple skills can help manage day to day life and regain control in your life. It is also beneficial to get personal advice about Sex and Relationships when it is difficult to speak with a loved one.

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Ask me any question

I will offer answer, advice and signposting I will share techniques where helpful/relevant

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