I will transcribe your 5 minute audio or video for you

transcribe your 5 minute audio or video for you

About This Gig

Don't kill yourself with mini tasks like transcribing your audios. We all know that you're competent with it but it might not be your forte. So leave it to me. :) I am quick and quite accurate. So take a break or take a walk or do your personal project or what ever you're good at.

I have been transcribing for over 2 years. I have acquired quite a big vocabulary ever since I became a virtual assistant.

Send me your good quality MP3 or MP4 or study notes.

I will have them back to you within 24 Hours.

Try me right now and let me know what you think!

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What language do I usually transcribe?
    American English. Honestly, English is my 2nd language. But I'm quite used to it with 2 years transcribing in my background.:)
  • What if my audio is more than 5 minutes?
    As long as it's less than 8-10 minutes, I can provide you a quality transcription, depending on the accent and quality of the audio recording.
  • What if my audio quality is bad, will you still take the project?
    I'm sorry to say but, with English as my 2nd language, I won't be able to work well with a bad quality audio.