I will give you a guide to launching and running a business

give you a guide to launching and running a business

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***Guide to Launching and Running a Business*** is for people who are excellent at something, product or web development, writing code, marketing or selling anything, but who are now toiling for others. Yet they have long had a dream: to take that special skill set and use it, on their own terms, in a startup business. What you'll learn What entrepreneurship is, and what it is not. How to get into the skin of an entrepreneur and see the world from that perspective before you quit your job and put everything on the line. Key lessons that have left burn marks and abrasions on the (now very thick) skins of successful entrepreneurs. Why building your product is only half the battle. What the most important goals and imperatives are for any business, ensuring that you can start working on them from day one instead of stumbling into them years later and losing time, money, and opportunity in the process. This sells for 39 Dollars on my website. Selling here for a limited time only. IF YOU BUY THIS GIG YOU CAN CHOOSE ANOTHER ONE FROM MY LIST FOR FREE!

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