I will proofread and edit ANYTHING for you

proofread and edit ANYTHING for you

About This Gig

As an experienced, qualified professional writer, I have a raptor's vision to detect gaffes in writings and I will help you do the following:

  • Thorough Grammar Rectification
  • Spelling & Punctuation Check
  • Edit Content 
  • Rephrase Poor Sentence Structures
  • Improve Readability
  • Enhance Comprehension & Consistency

I provide the following in this gig: 

  • Meeting Urgent Needs (under 12 hours or less)
  • I only proofread and edit, doing up to 500 words in one day.
  •  I don’t change the content, style, tenor and the direction of your document.
  • You will only receive a cleaned copy, not a changed copy, unless requested.
  • I don’t change the subject and neither do I build on the subject unless requested. 

You can specify your needs and I'd be more than delighted to oblige! As a keen eyed proofreader, I will provide you constructive feedback and tips on how to write more effectively upon request.

Why should you hire me?

  • 100% Efficiency
  • Prompt Response (within 8 hours)
  • First Class Quality Work
  • In Time Delivery


I chance that I am here to rock on any task on Fiverr so place your orders now! You won’t be disappointed!