I will send you a postcard as your girlfriend

send you a postcard as your girlfriend

About This Gig

I will send you a postcard from the UK with a message of your choice on it. It can be from your girlfriend or boyfriend and if you get it from a girl it will come complete with a lipstick kiss in the corner (my gf will do this!)

Please don't make the message too long as there's not much room on a postcard and I have fairly large handwriting.

Get one as a prank, cheer up a friend, quieten down parents who keep telling you to get a partner!

Make the message as cute or saucy as you like - I don't mind!

I will write and ship one card anywhere in the world for a total of $5 - I don't charge any extra postage - even if you live in Timbuktu!

Cards sent to UK take around 3 days to arrive whereas worldwide takes about 10 days by air mail.