I will ship anything you want from the UK for $5

/ 3 Days On Average
ship anything you want from the UK
ship anything you want from the UK

About This Gig

I will ship anything you want from the UK to wherever you are in the world.

Can't get a hold of a particular magazine where you live? I can send it to you!

Can't get your favourite tea or biscuits where you live? I'll post them to you!

Need an item from Ebay or Amazon but the shipper can't be bothered posting worldwide? Just let me know!

Whether you're an ex-pat or you miss a treat from the UK just let me know and I will send the item to you.

In this gig you pay for the item you want and the shipping costs to your country. You pay me 1 gig for anything that can fit in an envelope, 2 gigs for a small packet and 3 gigs per standard parcel.

If you win an item online or buy from Amazon you can have the item shipped to me and I forward it to you. For postal charges please see the Royal Mail web site.

I do not take any mark up on the postage costs (you select the service and you will see the price) and I also include the receipt for your items if you need me to shop for them.

Please contact me first before ordering this gig so we can work out what you want and how much it will cost to ship.

Any questions please just ask and I'll be happy to help.