I will give you a business planning tool

give you a business planning tool
give you a business planning tool

About This Gig

This Weekly Business Planner is built on the key principles from some of the most highly effective people in the world, such as Dr Stephen Covey.

  • Clarity over your busy life and projects; The planner supports multiple projects (Up to three)
  • Remove the overwhelming feeling of juggling large or multiple projects; Use the work breakdown structure to create bite size actions.
  • Create optimum work-flow efficiency and never miss key actions in a project.
  • Get the best results by ensuring that the most important things are completed first; Arrange your tasks by priority.
  • Gain control over your time by defining how long is required for each task.
  • Less work and more play by delegating to others – Identify what can be completed by yourself or others using the famous 80/20 rule.
  • Save time on project flow by identifying key stakeholders/connections needed and track the progress with these connections.
  • Constantly improve your efficiency by looking at your progress and lessons from each week to carry forward.

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