I will code your MS Excel document

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code your MS Excel document
code your MS Excel document
code your MS Excel document

About This Gig

Do you need your excel file coded? Keep getting #VALUE , #N/A , #REF! , #NAME? , #DIV/0! ,  Circular Reference Warning or other errors? Let me handle it. I am professionally trained in excel & google spreadsheets and can have your excel file working for you, the way you want it to.

In the past I've completed the following requests:

  • Work Schedule Excel file - This excel file, once given work times, automatically creates a calendar event in Google Calendar. Further, this file has a current money owed, money recieved and error module inbuilt
  • Stocktaking Excel file - This excel file makes use of conditional formatting, nested IF functions and comes complete with an error module, alert schedules and an index page that tells the viewer what they need to do at any given time
  • Corporate Valuation Excel file - This excel file, once given 5 years of historical financial statement data, and forecasts, calculates a continuing value of a business, computes relevant business ratios, and gives a business valuation 
  • Much more!

I can tailor an excel file to suit your needs, complete with formatting, coding & any further specifications you require.

Order this gig now, and allow me to solve your problems :)

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3 days delivery unlimited Revisions

Code your Excel File

I will write macros, design/redesign your file, link files, database manage, create forms and more!

  • 10 Macros
  • Data Source Connectivity
  • 10 Buttons/Forms