I will promote your business with a video review

very good. Will come to order more gigs. many thanks.
Reviewed by monicachew about 3 years ago
fast. really good
Reviewed by monicachew about 3 years ago
promote your business with a video review

About This Gig

Imagine what this gig could do for you and your business...

For just $5 I will record a believable and realistic video testimonial for your product.

I am committed to providing you with a Professional, Convincing testimonial and as such, I will let you choose the following:

  • Background (White, Bookshelf, Classroom, Small Fish Tank etc.)
  • T-Shirt Color 
  • Accessories (Scarf, T-Shirt Collar, Hat etc.)
  • Audio Only (If you only want the audio, let me know and I will send it to you separately)
  • Room Lighting (Moody, Bright, Daylight etc.)
  • Video Scope (How much of my body is in the shot)
  • Video Focus (Where I stand in the shot)
  • Talking Speed (Slower for children, Faster for Adults etc.)
  • Actions (Jumping, Clapping, Laughing, Winking etc.)
  • 1 FREE Revision (If there is something that you would like changed about the first testimonial, just tell me, and I will gladly send you another for no extra charge)
  • And Much More!

Book this gig now exclusively on fiverr.com and I guarantee that you wont be disappointed.