I will listen to your concerns and provide effective relationship advice

listen to your concerns and provide effective relationship advice

About This Gig

Life can get pretty hectic at times for most of us.  Relationships can be a very wonderful and beautiful thing if you find the right person to love and enjoy a life with. However, issues may arise if healthy communication isn't a part of your relationship. Finding a way to communicate with your loved one is always key. Allow me to be your listening ear. I am here for you if you would like to discuss your concerns about your personal relationship. I will help you understand the process involved in maintaining a healthy relationship, or obtaining what you are searching for.

I will communicate with you in writing, first because I feel that when we put our feelings, concerns, and personal thoughts in writing we can express how we feel much better since we do not need to face anyone or feel judged. I will not judge you, but I will be honest with you in giving you my advice. I am not a licensed psychiatrist, or a therapist, but I have gotten very good results throughout the years in giving my personal friends advice. In fact, I have had friends say to me that they have felt much better talking to me, then when talking to  their doctors/therapists.

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