I will wholesale 3 bank owned property listings in Miami

wholesale 3 bank owned property listings in Miami
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About This Gig

I began my career in real estate development and investing when I was 20 years old and I'm thankful to say I've been successful ever since. I have a wide range of experience in acquiring single family homes and 5 years of experience in Miami Buying and Selling Short Sales, Foreclosures and Bank Owned Properties, with a focus on investment properties for both holding and flipping. Particularly skilled in searching for houses with a focus is on acquiring undervalued properties to create value so they can be offered on the retail market to ultimately increase returns for our investors.

I will give you 3 available distressed properties that are available within a week in Miami Dade county where you can buy and hold or flip for maximum profits.

Check out my last deal I personally purchased attached in Doral

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1 day delivery