I will help you create a Dungeons and Dragons campaign

help you create a Dungeons and Dragons campaign

About This Gig

Tabletop RPGs are super fun! And beacause more people are learning about Tabletop RPGs and roleplaying, it's more accessible than ever. But creating a solid campaign that's really entertaining for all your players is really hard. Sure, you can RUN the game as a DM. But sometimes your creative juices don't flow right, and it can be hard to stay original and interesting. 

That's where I come in. I will help you design a campaign that is interesting and exciting for your players. You can give me a basic idea of what type of campaign you want ("We want to journey across the country!" or "We want a pirate adventure on the high seas!"), or just ask for a random concept/plot, and I'll provide the outline of events. 

I can provide up to 5 major plot points in your campaign OR just a general overview/worldbuilding. I can also help with NPC creation, location creation and worldbuilding, and much more. However, I will not aid in stat blocks or the system mechanics of creating the characters/NPCs; only the story elements.

If you have a different special requests, just message me.