I will perform a tarot reading with pictures

perform a tarot reading with pictures

About This Gig

Are you going to get that job? Need to find out about a crush? Ever wanted to glimpse into the future? Here's your chance. 

Tarot cards tell a story of your future from the moment the cards are drawn. Using my knowledge of the cards various meanings, as well as two reference books, I will provide an in-depth look into your future on any topic, with photos to show you how the cards played out. I will use a three-card spread as pictured above.

My style of reading is hyper-logical and analytical. I won't give you any fluffy "the fates are looking out for you" or try to spin you around in circles like many fortune tellers. I will simply read what the cards have given me, and do my best to try to discern their meaning based on the question/concern you bring to me.