I will proofread and edit any french content for $5

proofread and edit any french content
proofread and edit any french content

About This Gig

I will proofread any kind of content (Document, website, apps); however, I'll need the content sent to me in a Microsoft Word or PoEdit format. Being able to write fluently and concisely is a skill that will follow you for life. My proofreading service will help you to achieve that skill.

  • For your $5, you will have content professionally proofread and edited up to 4000 words.

  1. Grammar
  2. Punctuation 
  3. Spelling
  4. Rephrasing poor sentence structure
  5. Readability
  6. Consistency

Make your work stand out from the crowd. Order right now for your professional, fast, and friendly proof reading service. 

For extrafast delivery, the document must not exceed 5,000 words!

Please contact me with any orders over 5,000 words to discuss availability, it would be scheduled !

This is an french proofreading gig, for the english one, please check the other gig.

In case you need translation, please check my translation gigs