I will write or edit email, text, or message of any kind

write or edit email, text, or message of any kind

About This Gig

Need to craft a 'business casual' e-mail to your boss?
Trying to articulate your feelings to a current or ex-lover?
Not in the mood to write a thoughtful birthday message?

Allow me to help!  

For just $5 I will write or edit one (1) item for you--e-mail, text message, birthday note, whatever you like.

I am an expert in writing and editing communications.  
Through my liberal arts education, experience as class president, and post-college professional pursuits, I have become an adept and efficient writer.  (My e-mails were often sent to hundreds of people at once.)  I possess an extensive vocabulary, grammatical expertise, and deep understanding of how people think.  I have always been the 'go-to' communication consultant among my friends, family, and co-workers. 

Need to send a professional e-mail?  Tactful text?  Poetic yet concise sentiment?

Please allow me to share my knack with you!

Thanks for reading,

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Order Details

1 day delivery

One (1) piece of communication

I will expertly write or edit an email/message for you, tailoring it to your needs.