I will edit or rewrite your fundraising campaign content

edit or rewrite your fundraising campaign content

About This Gig

Before you order: Please message me about your project first so I can assess the work involved and quote an accurate price. Ordering with no prior messaging can result in cancellation and disappointment!

Need help forming a better written presentation for a fundraiser? Have a rough draft but don't know how to make it concise?  Order this gig for some basic improvements, check out extras for additional campaign elements.

The basic $5-gig is for about 500 words (original draft).
I charge extra for the following:
- original writing OR
- major editing OR
- significantly more than 500 words (original draft)

Be sure to message me first especially if:

- you don't have pre-written content
- your draft exceeds 500 words.

If you have a list of ideas or information for the campaign, feel free to attach it in your message so I can determine price quote.

This gig does not include:
- making video
- setting up your campaign on crowdfunding sites
- running the campaign