I will predict when you get a a rise in your career for $5

predict when you get  a a rise in your career
predict when you get  a a rise in your career

About This Gig

What should I do? How should I serve? What is my career path? What is my leadership potential? Should I innovate or get the family tradition? How much professional credentialing do I need to obtain? And what about money-money-money?

The key to success in all endeavors is simple but it may be difficult for many to put into practice. The key is to get your desires, pursue your interests, allowing your tastes and your intelligence to guide you BUT refrain from placing expectations upon the outcome.

The reason this works is that the heart, the creative spiritual heart, is the true seat of intelligence (not the fearful, punishment-avoiding brain in the head). Therefore anyone who has the courage to follow their own true heart, including follow that which you think is fun, which you experience as brightly creative, that which is entertaining (but never numbing) and which brings a smile to your face

These experiences are the signal that you are moving in the "right” direction. Unfortunately people halt themselves even when they are moving in the highest direction due to fear (which emits from the reptile brain at the top of the brainstem) and they start doubting their entitlements,