I will predict when you will make a lot of money

predict when you will make a lot of money
predict when you will make a lot of money

About This Gig

I will exactly tell your past and future regarding money and riches.

The report will contain the past and future information about your wealth prospects. The dates when you will earn or get good amount of money and riches.

"Some men worship rank, some worship heroes, some worship power, some worship God, and over these ideals they dispute and cannot unite -- but they all worship money.”

"We feel that money and power can bring happiness and solve problems ,

but they are not definite causes of those desired states.

If that were so, it would follow that those who have wealth would necessarily have happiness,

and those who do not have wealth would always experience suffering.

  • Money and power facilitate, but it is clear that they are not the primary causes of happiness and solving our problems.

  • It is justified for us to make material and financial development for building our nation and providing shelter, etc. for ourselves; we need to do that.

  • But we also need to seek inner development .

As we can see, there are many people who have wealth and power who remain unhappy, due to which their health declines, and they are always taking medicines.

  • we find people who live like beggars but are peaceful