I will tag and title 5 Etsy shop listings for $5

tag and title 5 Etsy shop listings
tag and title 5 Etsy shop listings

About This Gig

Tagging or choosing keywords can make a huge difference when it comes to drawing shop traffic and selling your Etsy products. The better your keywords, the higher your products will rank in search engines when customers shop for items like yours. Help your customers find your items and draw more traffic to your shop by hiring me to help you choose quality tags for your products.

Sometimes you just need someone else to take a look and make some suggestions - let me be that someone else!

Send me links to your shop and items and I'll have a look through your Etsy shop, research your competitors, and recommend some tags/keywords you may use for all items, as well as suggestions for up to 5 specific items.

  • Research your shop and your competitors to see what tags work best for your products
  • Provide keyword/tag recommendations for your entire shop
  • Suggestion additional key words for up to 5 specific items in your shop, in order to provide you with more insight into how to choose the optimal tags for your products.