I will convert raw data into a Database

convert raw data into a Database
convert raw data into a Database

About This Gig

Saving data into excel files is a very common. But, sometimes when data is large it becomes very difficult to do do data processing, finding duplicates and making reports to analyze data in excel.
In such situation even data integrity is at risk. Anyone can delete or update your precious data in whatever manner.
=> What if someone deletes entire column by mistake.

If you are stuck in such situation i am here to help you :)

1. I will convert your raw data into a proper database.
2. You will be able to do proper search, New data entry, and data           processing through various interactive forms and reports                   respectively.
3. I will make your huge data more arranged and easy to access.
4. Data will be well protected through various checks. 
5. If user requires some data to be well protected so it may not be         deleted or updated in any way i will lock the data.

Note: Before making an offer please contact me to make sure if i am able to do your job or not.

PS. Basic gig quantity includes only importing the data from excel to database.