I will program drums for your music production

program drums for your music production

About This Gig

For every $5 put towards the recording length, I'll program 30 seconds of drums for your song, EP or LP. This is great for singer-songwriters who don't know how to program drums to bring their independent projects to the next level, or rock/metal musicians who aren't able to invest the time in programming drums. For $30, I'll also mix the drums so they sound spectacular in the final mix. 

Order Details

30 secs of drums

$5 will get you 30 seconds of realistic programmed drum stems in any style, any tempo, etc.

  • Separated Tracks / Stems
  • 1 Instrument
  • HQ Audio File
3 days delivery 3 Revisions

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Do I own the drum stems after you hand them over?
    Yep, they're all yours! You'll also get the midi files after. Feel free to reuse them in future projects, if you wish.
  • What genres can you make drum stems for?
    Primarily rock, metal, pop and jazz.
  • Why not real drums?
    I agree that real drums can add something really special to a production that programming can't. However, recording real drums takes a LOT of time depending on the technical demands of the song. When that's the case, programming drums makes a lot more sense and listeners can't tell the difference.