I will post on Tumblr to 200 000 followers about Architecture

post on Tumblr to 200 000 followers about Architecture

About This Gig

I will publish two Architecture / Interiors / Home related posts on a popular Tumblr blog for over 200 000 interested and interacting followers who will like and republish your post generating even more interaction. In this way your post can easily go viral on Tumblr, which is one of the most dynamic publishing platform on the internet.

On the screenshot above you can see some stats about the blog from the last month. As you can see, there are more than 150 000 followers (got organically in over 3 years) interacting (liking and republishing) around 3 thousand times a day.

Please note that your post must be related somehow to Interiors / Architecture / Home. Photo posts are doing better regarding to interactions, so if it is possible I will create a photo post (an image with a custom click through and a caption which can include any information, links, etc.), but if you want anything else, like video or text posts, I will do that. If you already have a tumblr, I can reblog your post directly from your tumblr, promoting it too.