I will teach you to invest in the stock market for $5

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teach you to invest in the stock market
teach you to invest in the stock market

About This Gig

I'm here to teach you the basics of technical analysis for stock market research using candlesticks. This is EXTREMELY useful, particularly when investing in pennystocks. Given that technical analyst follow them, it will allow you to keep up with investors with high-end software and tell you an approximate on when to invest, how to invest and when to sell and take profit. 
Note: I'm not a financial advisor, this is for educational purposes only

Why does this work?
The Japanese began using technical analysis to trade rice in the 17th century. Yes, impressively, it still works today. Much of the credit for candlestick development and charting goes to a legendary rice trader named Homma from the town of Sakata. It is likely that his original ideas were modified and refined over many years of trading eventually resulting in the system of candlestick charting that we use today. Most profitable traders, in particular those who trade PENNYSTOCKS, use candlesticks for their analysis, given the high chance of SUCCESS it bring. 

By buying this gig, I will send you a guide which includes:
  • Step-by-step on selecting your first broker (Includes invite to the one I use).
  • Basics of candlestick analysis.