I will edit your story, blog, or article

edit your story, blog, or article

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Description Developmental Edit Proofreading Heavy Copy Edit
  An analysis of your work to suggest changes and additions that will help improve quality. A polish to your work, checking for basic spelling, punctuation, and grammatical errors. An exhaustive and detailed edit to correct grammar, sentence structure, etc.
Feedback is suggestions about how a text's style, content and readability can be improved.
Words Included
Word count included in package (additional words may be available for purchase separately)
5000 5000 5000
Delivery time 5 days 15 days

About This Gig

I will edit your story, blog post, or article to help prepare it for publication. 

Developmental Edit - I will review and critique the work to determine what changes are necessary to improve quality, content/story flow, and general cohesiveness of the story or text. Unless you purchase the extra, this is not a rewrite. It is only notes and suggestions of changes. It is up to you to make them. 

Proofreading - This is a basic polish of a text that is almost ready to publish. I will check for basic grammar, spelling, and punctuation errors and make those corrections for you. I will not rearrange text or remove sections. 

Heavy Copy Editing - This is an extensive edit where I check for sentence structure, transitions, and comprehensive grammatical issues and make those corrections for you. I may restructure sentences to help smooth prose but I will not change the actual content of your work. 

I work in Word 2013, utilizing Comments for feedback and track all changes. 

Please see the FAQ for additional information about my services.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • If I purchased a ghostwritten story or article from you, can I hire you to edit it?
    No. Editing your own work is very difficult because it is too easy to "hear" what you meant rather than seeing he errors on the page. On a case by case basis I may make an exception if I only wrote individual scenes for you.
  • Can you give me a faster turnaround time?
    Only for gig levels where I have provided the Fast extra. I try to complete work as quickly as possible, however turnaround time takes into account other work in my queue from this or other gigs.
  • What editing styles do you use?
    I can use whichever you need. Typically I follow the Chicago Manual of Style for story editing, with a few personalized exceptions. For articles and blogs, I can use Chicago or APA.
  • Will you rewrite my Developmental Edit so that I don't have to?
    If you purchase the rewrite extra, yes. Otherwise, I only make suggestions that you may choose to incorporate into your next rewrite. If you purchase the rewrite extra, I will review the story and let you know the changes I want to make so that you may approve them before I do the actual rewrite.
  • How do I know what type of edit to purchase?
    Ideally, it is based on your needs. If you have a Beta reader, they will typically tell you if you need rewrites, copy editing, or just proofreading. If you hire a ghostwriter, they will usually tell you what kind of edit you should expect to need. You can provide me a sample of the work to review.