I will tune and enhance your vocals

tune and enhance your vocals
tune and enhance your vocals

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Description Auto-tune and reverb Compression, EQ, auto-tune & reverb Auto-tune & FX plus a basic mix
  The basic service: auto-tune and reverb for a spruced-up vocal. The standard service: extra effects to really bring out the tone of your voice. The premium service: As before, but I'll mix in up to 3 other tracks such as guitar, bass, and drums
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About This Gig

If you have a vocal track that needs a bit of help, this gig is for you. I can auto-tune your vocals and add reverb, and for a little extra, I can add compression and EQ to your voice until it sounds the best it possibly can.

If you want to go the extra mile, I can also do a basic mix, enhancing your other instruments similarly and putting it all together. Please note for this option, you'll need to provide the audio files of the other instruments.

I have a degree in music and have done a lot of recording and mixing. I know what to do to make YOUR voice sound great.

I'll need you to send me the vocal only as a .wav file (or .aiff, if you're using a mac). To do this, mute all the other tracks, then look for the 'Export' option in your recording software.

There are some circumstances in which I can't help -
1) If your vocal is too far out of tune. This can happen sometimes if you've recorded along to a guitar without tuning it first.
2.) If you recorded your vocal onto the same track as something else.
3.) If your music doesn't use the standard tempered scale (if it uses any notes that can't be found on a piano).

If you have any questions, please send me a message.