I will improve your Lyrics to a Professional Level for $25

/ 5 Days On Average
improve your Lyrics to a Professional Level
improve your Lyrics to a Professional Level

About This Gig

Amanda is a professional musician & composer from Los Angeles. Hear her music on BBC Radio 6, NPR and more. She's written TV music for Refinery 29, The CW Network, game music for iOS/Android & has music degrees from Vassar College & The Berklee College of Music.

I will re-write and structure your lyrics to a professional level.

Send your lyrics in a word file.

Include a short description of the type of song you want and the story of the song. (optional)

This Service Includes:

  • Checking all your phrasing and language to make sure it is clear and makes sense to the listener. 
  • Adding my own words and phrases to make the lyrics creative and appealing. 
  • Editing the piece to make it direct and to the point.
  • Formatted in a clear Verse, Bridge, Chorus  structure ready to be made into a song.

If you have no lyrics, just send me the story and style of the song and I will write them for you. This may cost more. Longer songs may also cost more.


Please send me a message with all of these details so we can discuss exactly what you want and confirm price and availability before you order. 

Music is subjective - I will honor small revision requests, not complete changes.