I will be your Personalized diary

be your Personalized diary
be your Personalized diary
be your Personalized diary

About This Gig

The easiest way to describe me is a "Jacqueline"  of all trades.  I truly care about people and in my mind I can help everyone (superwoman to the rescue). I have learned not to give unsolicited advice but there are times I wonder if a persons path could of been different with a little guidance. Drawing from my own experience there have been many times I wanted to talk to someone who wouldn't give me the "stink eye" or that judgemental look (you know the one I am talking about). I cant be the only one who needs an actual person from time to time to give me their unbiased opinion right? Boom! This is how I came up with this opportunity. You need a Virtual Diary and I am here for you. Thank you for taking time to visit me. Lets cut right to the chase; I have been through many situations in my life and I truly understand the need to vent to someone. I don't have every answer but I'd love to help you figure out whats best for you. I will provide positive constructive advice or just be there to listen.  I will give advice on one question or listen to 1 situation for $5. Give me a chance and I know you will be pleased.

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2 days delivery


For $5 I will give you a well thought out uplifting response to your question or situation