I will mix, master, and design your next project

mix, master, and design your next project
mix, master, and design your next project
mix, master, and design your next project

About This Gig

What You Get 

- Basic Mastering
 For $5
  •  Includes fine-tuning of levels and equalization of your 2 track.
  • Optimizing the average and peak volume levels of your 2 track
  • 1 WAV, AIFF, or High-Quality MP3 (your choice)
- Pro Mastering For $50
  • Includes Up-To 5 Stems more additional stems email or call for quote
  • Noise Reduction, Proper Equalization, Tube Compression, Mastering Reverb,
  • Peak Limiting, Adding Ambience, Stereo Widening, Stereo Balancing, 
  • Bass Enhancement, Maximization, Dynamic Expansion, Fades/Crossfades
  • 1 WAV, or AIFF, and 1 High Quality MP3

Basic Mixing For $5
  • 8 Stem limit
  • Basic EQ, 
  • Compression, 
  • Noise Gating, 
  • Reverb 
  • Delay & DeEssing 
  • Standard DAW plugins

- Pro Mixing For $50
  • 16 Stem Limit  (ANALOG + DIGITAL GEARS)
  • Advanced EQ, 
  • Compression, 
  • Noise Gating, 
  • Reverb, 
  • Delay & DeEssing  
  • Industry Standard Plugins and Analog gear 
  • Advanced mixing techniques  
  • Manual Vocal Editing

  • Get a CD or Mixtape Design for $25 when you purchase the Pro Mastering Service
  • Without purchase add $50
Please remove anything on the master bus ch and leave at least -6.0db for headroom


Order Details


MIX up to 4trks or MASTER your stereo file Mp3 File

  • 1 Song
  • Mixing
  • Mastering
1 day delivery

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can I send you my tracks via email?
    Yes you can. Please send all tracks to holsolutionsinc@gmail.com.
  • Can I email my picture
    Yes you can. Please send pic as JPEG, AI, or PSD to holsolutionsinc@gmail.com. Please include the title "My Artwork" along with your Pro Mastering package. Title of project, brief description of what you want and format you would like. All artwork output at 300dpi or higher for clarity.
  • Can mastering make my mix sound good?
    Depends. If your mix sounds good, your master will sound good. On the other had it is just the reverse of that. If you are unsure about your mix, we can send you a quote for our mixing services for your song. Remember, mastering can only enhance what is in the mix.
  • Do you offer other services?
    Yes we do. Holsolutions, Inc offers copyright, publishing, and branding services. Please visit us at www.HOLSOLUTIONSINC.com