I will transcribe 30Mins Of Your Audio or Video In 24hrs

transcribe 30Mins Of Your Audio or Video In 24hrs
transcribe 30Mins Of Your Audio or Video In 24hrs

About This Gig

I will transcribe your Audio/Video Up to 30 mins for Just
$5. Now , that's a steal and you can't argue with that,
can you?

You will have a perfect , error free document delivered to you 
before this time tomorrow.

I am Fast and I am offering my premium service almost
for free.

What else can you ask for ?

Click the order button now or you might regret it  lol.

As a transcriber I rely on my ears far more than my eyes.
I deal with different voices, accents, verbal habits 
and different content which can sometimes be very technical, 
as well as any issues over background noise and varying 
recording quality. 

A focus group with ten participants all talking at once on a 
poor quality recording is a very different proposition than 
typing clearly audible dictation. 

The voices heard by a transcriber will mostly be unfamiliar to 
them, unless it's a long running client. 

So to identify and match voices to names in a group recording 
takes a high degree of skill and concentration. 

This is why you need to hire me , cos I am a pro lol .

You don't want some amateur to handle your transcribing job;
it will be a disaster.

You want to work with an expert transcriber? Then, work with ME.

Order Details

30 mins Transcription

With five bucks You will get a clean and perfect transcription in 24hrs

  • Verbatim Transcription
  • Time Reference
  • Up to 2 Speakers
  • Up to 30 Minutes
  • Convert File
1 day delivery unlimited Revisions