I will make contact with a deceased relative or friend

make contact with a deceased relative or friend

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Description Speak on your behalf Positive Energy Soul Cleaning
  After I make contact, I will tell them anything you would like. I will deliver your message, and send you positive vibes to ease your loss. If you fear their soul is not fully at rest, I will calm them. Includes other packages.
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Losing a loved one is never easy, and you may wish that you could tell me something that you never got the chance to while they were still alive.

Basic Package:
With my help, I can contact them, and deliver any last words you would like to say to them.

Standard Package:
We all experience grief when we lose somebody we love, and it may seem like we will never be able to feel whole again. No need to worry, in addition to delivering a message to your loved one, I will also send positive energy into you life, bringing a sense of peace to your hurting heart.

Premium Package:
Sometimes, a loved one may be taken away from us so suddenly, their soul may become confused or maybe even scared. If you fear this for your loved one, I will be able to speak with them, and make them understand their passing and ease their fears. This package includes the other two packages.