I will critique Your Song With Expertise

critique Your Song With Expertise

About This Gig

What will you get with this $5 gig?

·       A short paragraph about the strength and weakness of your song.

What will you get with an additional $20?

·       Your song will be rated: Originality, Melody, Groove, Structure, Lyrics...

·       Full constructive feedback with suggestions & Hit Potential.

·       Great way to be sure your song is ready - and as strong as you can make it!

You need all the help you can get when determining the viability of your song as there is nothing comparable to hearing a song for the first time and being able to make objective observations about that song. You absolutely cannot afford to miss details about your song that could easily have been heard by a pair of fresh ears.

We work with committed songwriters to prepare their music and lyrics for film, TV and record label placements. Many of our clients and students have gone on to great success in the music business.